About Us

Store, transport or protect sensitive, fragile or valuable contents.


Smartpac manufacture for the applications where standard just won’t do. In over 50 years of manufacturing, we have made more than 1,000 different products. Some products are entirely unique. Others may look like a standard construction, but on closer inspection, subtle changes and added details are what take the product from something that will do, to something that is exactly fit for purpose. When that’s needed Smartpac can deliver.


Specialists in working with heavy fabrics such as canvas, nylon, vinyl, neoprene, Kevlar and leather, Smartpac’s primary activity involves the design and manufacture of custom sewn bags, soft cases, pouches and covers. These items are used pitchside, roadside, in the sea, in the sky, for medical instruments, for musical instruments, the uses are almost limitless.


Our production is tailored to small batches of highly variable and often complex products. The flexibility of our production means that customers can access high-quality, fully-customised products in small quantities, thereby maintaining cash flow and relieving the pressures and limitations of larger order quantities and longer lead times often associated with larger or offshore manufacturers. This structure enables our customers to fulfil one-off requirements, trial new products, meet low volume requirements, deliver recurring low volume requirements more cost effectively and facilitates those who need to add or discontinue products regularly or those who need to respond quickly to sudden or unexpected changes to their product.


We’re an ethical, eco, fair and local manufacturer. The entire process, from first design to final inspection, takes place at our Belfast factory. We work in strict accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and BS 8555 Environmental Management System.


Products range in size from small pocket-sized units to large luggage-size soft cases.

All items are bespoke and made to order and can be designed for:


  • unique shapes

  • high-visibility

  • weather resistance

  • heavy loading

  • high tensile strength

  • single or multiple compartments

  • pockets

  • dividers

  • padding

  • lining

  • protected base

  • identification windows

  • labels

  • printed with a logo or text




Services includes:

  • product design and development

  • prototyping

  • pre-production sampling

  • materials sourcing

  • cutting

  • sewing

  • printing

  • full turnkey production

  • repatriation of production




Industries and sectors including:

  • aerospace

  • transport

  • technology

  • scientific

  • medical

  • Emergency Services

  • Rescue services

  • military

  • utilities

  • electronic

  • funeral

  • sport

  • marine

  • music